Training in Mental Health First Aid - 2 Day Adult Mental Health at Work course

JCM Medical Advisors is delighted to announce we can now offer the Mental Health England, Training in Mental Health First Aid course.  You are just as likely to have a employee go on sick leave with a mental health issue than a physical injury.  The point of Mental Health First Aid is to provide expertise in your workplace to spot potential Mental Health Issues so that proactive action can be taken to support the individual before they have a crisis, and hopefully avert that crisis which is of course good for the business, but more importantly better for the health of your employee.  Bespoke courses can be run for companies that would like more than 5 people trained, and we will be running planned courses that people can book onto as indivduals.



Adults, Companies 


This two day course qualifies your employees as Mental Health First Aiders, giving them:


Everyone who completes the course gets:

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