Training in Mental Health First Aid is an investment not a cost

Written by J. Crawley on Thursday, 13 February 2020

Is training in mental health first aid a cost or does it actually save you money? We would argue it actually increases productivity, and profitability within your business.

2017, the Thriving at Work review, commissioned by the UK government found that there’re now more people with on-going mental health conditions working than ever before. It estimated employees’ average time off work with mental health illness at around 25.8 days per year.

Say your average employee earns £20,000 a year - the cost to you is c.£121 a day. If you have to bring in a temp, then the daily cost probably more like £250. So that's £6450 cost on the national average)

So is £1100 ( £600 course cost+ £500 time off work cost )expensive? Simply No.

The easiest way to prevent a mental health crisis is to spot it early enough and provide support. Our 2 day Training In Mental Health At Work equips your team with the skills to spot and provide guidance to colleagues who show signs of potentially experiencing a mental health issue. By provding that guidance they may be able to prevent an future absence That's surely worth the investment isn't it?



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