Mental Health Campaign - Day 18 - Mental Health First Aid Course

Written by J. Crawley on Wednesday, 12 February 2020

Are you struggling to find a course that will train you in mental health first aid?

Don't worry, JCM Medical Advisors can help with their Mental Health First Aid Training Course designed for the workplace. It's a 2 day course that will give you all the skills you need and support you with how to spot the signs when someone is struggling with their mental health. It also empowers you to be able to be able to really talk to and connect with an someone who may be struggling and to offer them the support they need.

This in turn will make your company a place where people love to work because they know that you care. Which in turn will boost productivity and ensure that you are building a successful business for your and your company's future.

Just £300 per person for 2 days training.

To find out more simply drop us a message - or visit