Mental Health Campaign - Day 17 - Training In Mental Health First Aid

Written by J. Crawley on Tuesday, 11 February 2020

Imagine that you had an employee who was struggling with getting into work on time on a regular basis , have you thought about why that might be?

Imagine one of your employees kept being late for meetings when they were at work or that they're just really unprepared for those meetings. What impact has that had on those meetings?

Perhaps someone always seems to be very distracted when they ought to be focussed and on the ball. How does their behaviour tell you that they are not themselves at work?

Imagine that an employee was regularly short tempered and rude to colleagues. Are they behaving out of character?

What do you think your company stands for in terms of being a great place to work? What kind of place do you want your company to be like to work in?

It may be that your company, your place of work is ticking along in what you think is a healthy way. But what if a particular challenge crops up out of the blue? With business? With an individual? Because of an event?

Would you know how to deal with someone who may be struggling? Would you know how to deal with your company culture being affected by something happening?

Instead of second guessing, start asking those questions. Instead of trying to fix something after the horse has bolted , take action and put something in place now that will ensure that your company is prepared for any outcome for the long term positive mental health and wellbeing of all your employees, and you too.

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