Mental Health Campaign - Day 8

Written by J. Crawley on Wednesday, 29 January 2020

We all experience stress at some point in our lives – including at work.

The main symptoms of work-related stress may include – apathy, fatigue, loss of productivity, trouble concentrating and feelings of depression.

Employers like you need to raise stress awareness in the workplace and employees need to be able to combat stress.

We understand that business has budget and time challenges to face up to but we also know that in order to achieve both, you need to invest in your business, yourself and in the people you employ.

JCM Medical Advisors are experts in this field and we can show you how to add a bit of that expertise to your internal company communications so that your employees know that you really, genuinely care.

Our Adult Mental Health First Aid Training Course is the perfect way to take action and to do just that – help you to spot the signs, increase awareness and help employees help themselves to combat stress levels.

Don’t let Mental Health be the last thing you focus on in business.

Prioritise people - not profit.

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