Mental Health Campaign - Day 7

Written by J. Crawley on Tuesday, 28 January 2020

Are you a supporter of positive mental health - or do you think that mental health is still too embarrassing or too much of a stigma to talk about openly?

Despite the plight of mental health issues being highlighted by several highly influential personalities – and despite mental health awareness being more on the agenda for governments, schools and in the workplace - having poor mental health, struggling with depression and/or anxiety or finding it difficult to function properly in everyday life can still have a stigma attached to it.

But why is that? Despite many people experiencing mental health illness at some point in their lives, there is still a stigma attached to mental ill health and people with mental health problems can consequently experience discrimination in all areas of their life.

Not just from society – but also from family, friends, employers and work colleagues.

It can still be something that people do not openly want to admit to or talk about.

We know times are changing. It still needs a push but we know that by openly talking about mental health illness and how it can affect different people at home and at work – by showing people how we can change people’s perceptions of mental health illness – we can grow a much more positive attitude towards mental health as a whole.

As an employer YOU can join this revolution, this push to be a much better provider and supporter to those who may be suffering silently with their mental health.

Make people YOUR priority – not profit. When your people are happy your profit will grow.

Health, wealth and happiness – let’s make this a mantra for 2020 and the decade to come.