Mental Health Campaign - Day 3

Written by J. Crawley on Wednesday, 22 January 2020

Now as we enter 2020, we are all entering increasingly challenging times for the future.

These challenging times are already impacting on business and may in turn be impacting the people behind it.

Itís so important in society these days to be more aware of mental health, because it is something we all need to manage more carefully.

JCM Medical Advisors are successful in advising and training people in business about how to deal with essential first aid at work, and more recently Mental Health First Aid.

The training we offer will help you in being able to approach individuals - not just to ask them how their dayís going - but to really talk to them and offer some support.

The cost of training and the time it takes could save you essential business and money by enabling you to offer help, guidance and ongoing support to an employee before it becomes a crisis. That crisis could cost you much more than a couple of days out of the office.

Get in touch with us to ask for further details on our Adult Mental Health First Aid Training course (or click on the link in the comments below).