Mental Health Campaign - Day 11

Written by J. Crawley on Monday, 03 February 2020

From the leaders who have trained with us on our 2 day adult Mental Health First Aid Training, here are some of the changes we have had fed back to us.

You see, each one of them have taken part in our training and as a result got huge benefits from doing it.

There’s no stigma attached to being mental health aware – only an increased desire to be leaders within their company to do the best they can for their employees.

They’re focused on what they need to be doing in order to better support their workforce in a way that increases positivity and productivity at work.

We’re all different and need different things – and those conversations are now open for discussion.

Our training gives you group support to grow as one of the best leaders in your industry by recognising that we all need to be much more aware of how mental health affects our everyday lives especially when at work.

If you missed out on our training so far, it’s now open again but only for 2 days in April.

Details below.

Prioritise people, not profit. Come and join the Wellbeing and Mental Health Awareness revolution.